Swagbucks Member Recognition Program

Swagbucks Member Recognition Program Details

As of today, April 16, 2019, the Swagbucks Member Recognition Program is in general release and is open for enrollment to all Swagbucks Members in the United States, Canada, England, and Australia.

The Program recognizes and celebrates Members’ loyalty to Swagbucks, based on lifetime SB earned. The Program is also part of our commitment to create rewarding moments and infuse “fun” into the Swagbucks experience.

The Program offers 10 Levels of recognition, ranging from Pearl to Diamond. A set of rewarding benefits accompany each Level. As Members work their way through the Recognition Levels, they enjoy each Level’s corresponding benefits.

How Do Members Enroll in the Swagbucks Member Recognition Program?

Click the section labeled Member Recognition Program, from your Swagbucks My Account section, which is accessible from the top right of every page. Then, click Enroll Now.

Members with a minimum of 250 lifetime SB will receive the benefits associated with their Level in the Program.

Members with fewer than 250 lifetime SB may enroll in the program. When those Members reach 250 SB, they automatically will receive Program Benefits.

What benefits come with each level?

Here’s a full breakdown of the benefits within each level of the Member Recognition Program:

Will Swagbucks make changes to the benefits?

Over time, Swagbucks may make changes to the benefits structure of the Program to ensure that it remains relevant and engaging to participating Members.

I made a purchase but didn’t receive my Shop Swag Up Bonus.

For levels that have the shop Swag Up bonus, you must make your purchase within 30 days of receiving the Shopping Bonus. Your bonus will then credit once the SB from a qualifying purchase credits to your account.

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